At the heart of the foundation is the purpose to develop every child, at every stage, according to their age.


     The vision is to have a high standard in the field of children's education and welfare in this region.


  1. Provide foster care children from birth to six years, both boy and girl who experience social problem according to Protection of Children Act 2546.
  2. Improve the Management system of the organization to be efficient.
  3. Improve the knowledge and innovation in provision for child welfare standards.
  4. Promote and develop networks associated in provision of child welfare.

Strategic Issues

  1. Improve the quality of services to the target groups equally; thoroughly and with standard.
  2. Promote and improve the potential of target groups to be able to cope  with  changes.
  3. Improve the quality of the organizations management.
  4. Improve knowledge and innovation in children’s welfare to cope with the changes.
  5. Further improve networks associated in order to strengthen the children's welfare.